Cross Training Publishing, one of FCA's valued vendors and partner to many other sports ministries and churches, was founded by Gordon Thiessen who has served on staff with FCA for 28 years. With hundreds of book and video resources, you will find something for coaches, athletes and parents.

Cross Training books are based on Wes Neal’s ground-breaking biblical research that impacted the sports world in the 1970s and inspired Ron Brown and Gordon Thiessen to create resources rooted in Scripture for the Christian athlete and coach over the past three decades. We still publish many of Wes Neal’s books that are available on our website including “The Handbooks and Athletic Perfection.”
Our books and resources aim to provide a path for athletes and coaches to become experts in God’s design for godly competition. These resources will include books, bible studies, videos, apps and websites. In addition to these resources, we provide “hands-on” training opportunities on the fields and courts for coaches and athletes through clinics and camps through Kingdom Sports.